Jean's Homemade Dog Treats

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I have been making dog training treats as a hobby since April 2005.   These treats are preservative, colourant and flavourant free and the ingredients are human grade, bought at my local shop.  There is nothing in these treats which is not suitable for dogs and I know quite a few humans that eat them too!  All ingredients are listed on the label.
I am based in the Western Cape.
The treats range in price and prices listed below are the prices per 100gm packet.  There is NO wholesale price list as you are buying direct from the manufacturer.

Pack size is 100gms.

Current prices are as follows :

Liver (100gms)
R20.00 each

Triple Treats (100gms)
(Combination of liver, cheese biltong and peanut butter)
R16.00 each

Cheese Biltong (100gms)
R12.00 each

Peanut Butter (100gms)
R12.00 each

Marmite (100gms)
R12.00 each

Treats are only made to order to ensure freshness. I prefer orders via email - my address being [email protected] which ensures that I immediately place the order into Excel. Payment is via EFT into my bank account on presentation of invoice and payment confirms the order.  Treats aren't made without payment.  Please do not make cash or cheque deposits into my account. Once payment has been received, I will then make the treats so there is a lead time - length depends on the amount ordered. Once ready they will be sent via Paxi Couriers, the post office, or they can possibly be collected in Pinelands, Cape Town. Delivery method to be decided when ordering so that the appropriate charge can be included on the invoice. Paxi's cheapest courier charge is R60 for a small bag taking 7-9 business days (they do have other options as well). Postal charge (till end March 2021) is R61.35 for the first kilogram for counter to counter deliveries, with an additional R8.25 charged for each additional kg or part of a kg.

The post office is still fairly reliable, and I haven't had a problem yet with Paxi.

You can have a look at their website for more info if you haven't used them before.

Collection in Pinelands is free but might take a few weeks to get there first.

If you would like to place an order, or for any other info, please email me


On the 15 April 2005, I sold my first batch of treats to a dog behaviour centre in Cape Town!! Many years on, and I am still making and selling treats! I have added and subtracted from my range over the years but the staples have remained the same.

Since starting my hobby, I have only had 4 price increases.  I believe in trying to keep my treats as reasonably priced as possible, and also use the most reasonably priced Couriers I can find.

Thank you all for your support over the last few years, and here's to the next few!! CHEERS

I repeat : payment with order applies for the full range of of treats.   This means that when you place an order, you will need to EFT the money into my account before I make the treats.  I can only start making them once I've bought ingredients!  There is a lead time, depending on the quantity ordered - I will get them out as fast as possible but please don't EFT and expect to get them the same day. This is also to prevent people placing orders and then not taking them. Payment confirms the order.  EFT only - unfortunately if cash or cheque deposits are made, the amount I pay in fees will be deducted off the number of treat packs you get.