Jean's Homemade Dog Treats

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I have been making dog training treats as a hobby since April 2005.   These treats are preservative, colourant and flavourant free and the ingredients are human grade, bought at my local shop.  There is nothing in these treats which is not suitable for dogs and I know quite a few humans that eat them too!  All ingredients are listed on the label.
I am based in the Western Cape.
The treats range in price and buying in bulk is cheaper.  Prices listed below are the prices per packet.  There is NO wholesale price list as you are buying direct from the manufacturer.  If you want them cheaper, please buy in bulk.

Pack size is 100gms.

Current prices are as follows :

Liver (100gms)
1 - 10 packs = R20.00 each
11 - 20 packs = R19.00 each
21 - 30 packs = R18.00 each
+ 31 packs = R17.00 each

Cheese Biltong (100gms)
1 - 10 packs = R12.00 each
11 - 20 packs = R11.00 each
+ 21 packs = R10.00 each

Peanut Butter (100gms)
1 - 10 packs = R12.00 each
11 - 20 packs = R11.00 each
+ 21 packs = R10.00 each

Triple Treats (100gms)
1 - 10 packs = R16.00 each
11 - 20 packs = R15.00 each
+21 packs = R14.00 each

Treats are only made to order to ensure freshness. I prefer orders via email - my address being [email protected] which ensures that I immediately place the order into Excel. Payment is via EFT into my bank account on presentation of invoice and before the treats are made. Please do not make cash or cheque deposits into my account. Once payment has been received, I will then make the treats so there is a lead time - length depends on the amount ordered. Once ready they will be sent via Fastway Couriers, Paxi Couriers, the post office, or they can be collected in Pinelands, Cape Town. Delivery method to be decided when ordering so that the appropriate charge can be included on the invoice. Local courier charge is R50 for up to 35 treat packets (35 fit in a courier bag), National charge is R65 OR Postal charge (till end March 2020) is R R56.80 for the first kilogram for counter to counter deliveries, with an additional R7.65 charged for each additional kg or part of a kg.

The post office is still fairly reliable, and an option for places where Fastway Couriers don't deliver, although they do take a few days longer than the Couriers but still a viable option if required.

Pep Paxi Couriers are also an option, though they are more expensive and take longer to deliver than Fastway, however have the convenience of delivering to your nearest Pep store where you can collect at your convenience within 7 days.  Take a look at the Paxi link for more info.

Collection in Pinelands is free!

If you would like to place an order, or for any other info, please email me


On the 15 April 2005, I sold my first batch of treats to a dog behaviour centre in Cape Town!! FIFTEEN YEARS on, and I am still making and selling treats! It has been an interesting journey, with some attempts made and then withdrawn (who remembers the Peanut Butter and Butternut Treats and the Pork Skin Treats?!), but my staples have remained the same over all these years (Leea's Liver Treats, Gemma's Cheese and Biltong Treats, Pumba's Peanut Butter Crunchies, and Triple Treats). I subsequently added Tasha's Fish Bones and Cat Treats for Craft Market Sales (only), and Vos's Liver Cookies to my normal range, as well as Splash's Marmite Sticks but still do my best sales with Leea's Liver Treats, which was the very first lot that I made to sell, with the rest following over the months and years.

Since starting my hobby, I have only had 4 price increases (I can assure you that the stores for the ingredients haven't been that kind) but I believe in trying to keep my treats as reasonably priced as possible. I have also just had the second national courier price increase in 4 years!  The local charge is still the same as it has been for 4 years! Whilst some people have said I have priced myself out the market (!), others say quality always comes at a price and the type of client that I seem to attract like quality, so I guess it is a case of "you win some, you lose some".

I have partnered with Fastway Couriers during the years to make my treats more accessible to far flung corners of South Africa, and for those even more out the way, the good old SA Post Office have always successfully delivered huge boxes of treats without a hassle.

All in all, it has been a good journey + ! I've learnt lots, forgotten lots, made friends, made enemies (jealousy makes you nasty ) but generally had a fun time making delicious treats, good enough for human consumption as well (you know who you are ... )

Thank you all for your support over the last few years, and here's to the next few!! CHEERS


FASTWAY COURIERS NOW DELIVER TO PORT ELIZABETH, EAST LONDON AND NELSPRUIT!!  National Courier fee of R65 per satchel (which can hold up to 35 treat packs) so get your orders in if you are in these areas.  

Payment with order applies for the full range of of treats.   This means that when you place an order, you will need to EFT the money into my account before I make the treats.  I can only start making them once I've bought ingredients!  There is a lead time, depending on the quantity ordered - I will get them out as fast as possible but please don't EFT and expect to get them the same day. This is also to prevent people placing orders and then not taking them.

Orders will either be couriered to you or can be collected in Pinelands, Cape Town.

I am now employing the services of FASTWAY COURIERS to deliver my dog treats to most places in the country.

Local deliveries (from Pinelands) (Durbanville, Milnerton, Tableview, etc) will have a delivery charge of R40.00 per courier bag.  However, local clients also have the option of collecting their treats in Pinelands if they don't want to pay the additional charge.

National deliveries (from Pinelands) (Hout Bay, Fish Hoek, Somerset West, Stellenbosch, George, Johannesburg, Pretoria, etc) will have a delivery charge of R65.00 per courier bag.  This is irrespective of how many packets of treats you buy (min 1 - max 35) as the courier charge has no weight limit (so it makes sense to buy lots!).  I am using A3 bags which can take a maximum of 35 treat bags each. 

Unfortunately there are some towns not covered by Fastway Couriers.  For these towns, the Post Office can deliver.  Their rates are as follows (01 April 2018 - 31 March 2019):  

R 52.50 for the first kilogram and R 7.05 for each additional kg or part of a kg.

National clients also have the option of using friends to get the treats to them if they don't want to pay the additional charge.

I hope that these services will now enable many more people to place treat orders.

Payment with Order applies - EFT only.  Unfortunately if cash or cheque deposits are made, the amount that I pay in fees will be deducted off the number of treats you get.