Jean's Homemade Dog Treats

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Quotes Jeans treats are the best! I use them in the show ring to stack my dogs, the mixed treats are awesome as the dog doesn't know which one will come out the packet next and holds his/her attention. I also use them for recall which for those of you that know huskies can be a challenge but not when they know one of Jeans treats is their reward! My personal favourite is the cheese and biltong I like to share them with my pups ;) Quotes
Husky Mom

Quotes Wonderful treats! My dogs love them. Excellent for training! Quotes
Nadine Shortland

Quotes The Boerboels loves the treats. Mr Boaz is working like a dream as he knows he is getting one of Jean's Homemade Dog Treats very soon. Thank you Jean all the way from Port Elizabeth Quotes
Suzette Ludeke
Dog Handler

Quotes Just over a year ago I rescued Abi in the Chloorkop industrial area, she had NO idea what dog food was, and I was at my wits end (many tears) and your liver treats were the ONLY thing I could get her to eat, so I gradually used the liver treats to "teach" her what dog food is. She's an old girl, she must've had a very rough life, today she's chubby and happy Quotes

Quotes Jeans treats are the best!! Im in Joburg so order a lot at one time, keep them in the fridge and they keep for months and months! My dogs favourites are Leea's liver treats, they will follow me to hell and back for them! Quotes
Julie Morris
Very happy dogs!

Quotes When i first started training it was the Liver treats that made my girl work hard, learn quick and being a quality product with no "extras", she even lost her excess weight. I have now finished crate training my boy on your cheese & biltong treats. Thanks you for a range to suit any dog. Quotes
Handler in training