Jean's Homemade Dog Treats

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Liver (100gms)
R20.00 each
Cheese Biltong (100gms)
R12.00 each
Peanut Butter (100gms)
R12.00 each
Marmite biscuits (100gms)
R12.00 each

Triple Treats (100gms)
R16.00 each

Leea's Liver Treats, named after my Border Collie Leea who was the inspiration for me to get this project started.  These are dried liver pieces (not liver bread or liver biscuits) and are bite sized, hard treats.  These ideally need to be kept in a fridge as they are a meat product with no preservatives, but they have been known to last out of a fridge.  The key is not to allow the packets to "sweat" or get water (rain) in them.  If the inside of the packet gets moist, the liver will go mouldy. (I did a "self life" test with a pack and eventually threw it away after a year as nothing was happening.  I have a friend that found a pack in her cupboard that had been there for 18 months and didn't have any sign of mould.)

Gemma's Cheese & Biltong Treats are bite sized, soft biscuit treats. These also contain no preservatives.

Pumba's Peanut Butter Crunchies was the third type of treat I make. These are bigger than "training" size, but are also soft and thus can be broken smaller. I started making a bigger treat because not everyone wanted "training size".

Marmite Sticks are the latest added to my range.  They are hand cut (as are all my treats) which means they are not a uniform size but they are long and narrow.  I needed a new treat for my new Border Collie after people had been asking me for years when she was getting a range!

Triple Treats are a combination of the liver, cheese biltong and peanut butter treats. It started out as a sample pack, but has acquired such popularity that I have kept it as a permanent part of the range.